About Us

KWIK Tips 4 U has a team of seasoned experts and consultants with a myriad of experiences from various industries.  Our consultants have over 100+ years of combined experiences in their areas of expertise.   These individuals are willing to share their knowledge and experiences in order to help you advance by limiting some of the obstacles you may encounter during your life’s journey. 

KWIK Tips 4 U has experts and consultants in three basic categories, Youth Sports, Management & Leadership Development and Career Management.  KWIK Tips 4 U sports experts have experience ranging from youth athletics to professional to include coaches, athletes and youth sports parents.  Our human resources consultants have a myriad of experience in various areas and levels of human resources up to and including senior executive level human resources generalists from various industries.   We also have a leading consultant who has vast knowledge in the senior administrative area of post secondary school academia to include student financial aid. 

The KWIK (Know What I Know) Tips provided by these individuals will assist in making your life easier and eliminate the headaches you may encounter due to a lack of knowledge and experience.  KWIK Tips 4 U provides resources that help others reach their highest potential through quick tips that are easy to read, practical and to the point. 

The KWIK Tip books were designed with the busy individual in mind who may not have time to sit down and read a book, but may have just enough time to flip through a couple of pages at a time to get quick tips on how to do something.  The sports edition books were designed to give much needed insight to youth sports’ coaches, parents and athletes. 

We all know that time is limited, money is valuable and the joy of seeing one succeed is priceless.  Understanding this, the concept for KWIK Tips 4 U was created.